Modern Icon 

bronzo, legno , corten


Hypnosis I

plaster, iron, linen


Artificialia Icona

plaster, bronze, aluminium





Ex voto

Plaster, iron, wood


Hypnosis II

plaster, iron, linen, bronze, brass



Alba Bianca

plaster, bronze, iron, brass

misures  250 cm



wood, bronze, wax, iron


Pina Nera

mixed media



gesso, bronzo, ottone


Memento mori

Aluminum, wax, crystal 


Memento Mori-colloquio I

bronze, crystal, 




Historically, in Christianity, the precious remains of a saint adopts the form of a relic.

The body of a saint provided a spiritual link between life and death. A link between man and God.

In it's literal form, these sacred bones are the remnants of a decay, death and loss.

Through my last two series of works, called “Relics” and “Modern Icons”, I try to interpret the religious values of this physical relics and their value in the contemporary age.

Memory and the Presence; not religious but spiritual values, connected inexorably to the past and present.

These remains are objects that become memories of the past, classics and contemporary at the same time, yet connect us to a something new and inexplicable.

For this reason, linked to the passage and return of man and to its deepest origins. I chose to represent a door, a kind of symbolic, cathartic passage. A light drapery, maybe of a saint, ethereal, but at the same time evocative and classical, almost disturbing in its temporal immobility. The circle (a wheel perhaps?) as an eternal return of an aestheticizing memory, and at the same time idealized and deep, hidden in the past and handed down to man through spirituality.

I try to recreate those memories in every detail of my sculpted relics an Icons, be it the living memories the physical structure or only fragments of faces, muscles, drapes, depicting the strength that binds the body to the soul. And, at least, into this composition you can find bronze residues, informal and spontaneous slages as residues of a great immortal era.


Nella tradizione cristiana, la reliquia è ogni resto del corpo o anche ogni oggetto che è o si presume appartenuto o connesso ad una persona venerata come santa. Letteralmente, sono degli avanzi di quanto è andato distrutto e perduto, o i resti di una persona morta. 

Attraverso le mie due ultime serie di opere, chiamate “Reliquie”, e “Modern Icons” cerco di decifrare cosa significhino e cosa siano per me, i valori del del Ricordo e della Presenza; valori non religiosi ma spirituali connessi inesorabilmente alla fragilità umana presente nelle “cose”umane, negli oggetti, che diventano giacenze di memorie del passato.


Ricomporre memorie inconsce, accostando a tali resti inorganici, frammenti apparentemente organici: strutture fisiche e muscolari palpitanti evocanti la forza che lega il corpo all'anima.